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Happy Healthy Teeth Go Back to School

Make Sure You Go Back To School With Your Best Smile!

Keep Your Mouth Healthy & Looking Great

Preserving healthy smiles with the latest in dental services provided by our skilled technicians is what we do best. Routine dental exams will help your mouth stay healthy and preserve your smile. We recommend visiting your dentist every six months for a routine exam, cleaning and any other services necessary for keeping your mouth fresh and looking great.

Healthy Smiles Start at Home

Good oral hygiene at home between visits will help your teeth and gums stay healthy. Dentists advise brushing, rinsing and flossing twice daily. To make this more fun choose an age appropriate toothbrush (many character designs are available) and paste that your child will want to use. There are many styles of flossers for kids including those with fruit flavors and easy to grasp handles for the younger crowd. Allowing them to pick their favorite color floss each time they floss gives them a sense of control over their dental care. Children enjoy feeling as if they are in control.

Schedule Appointments to Coincide with Yearly Routines

Have you ever missed an appointment because you just forgot to check your calendar? That’s something many of us have done. Scheduling your appointments linked with life events make them easier to remember. Call and schedule the fall visit when school closes in May or June or add “Dental Visit” to your school shopping to-do list and make the appointment then. Back to school is a busy time of preparation for most parents. Making dental appointments for the children at the same time each fall and again during spring break creates a routine. Routines become habits and require lees thought.

Childhood is Crucial to a Lifetime of Good Oral Health

Good oral hygiene will keep your mouth healthy and smile bright. Taking good care of your teeth and gums during childhood will determine the health of your teeth and gums in adulthood. Your dentist can decide which treatments are needed today to make your smile beautiful.

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Written by White Oak Family Dentistry

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