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Remodeling with Dental Veneers

Few people will disagree that a white smile with aligned teeth is attractive. When your teeth are no longer white due to wear or staining, or you’ve chipped one without even realizing it and are left with uneven edges, veneers might be a solution to get back the smile you loved. This quick solution to...

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The Invisalign Process

Invisalign can straighten teeth and solve bite problems Have you been envying white smiles with straight teeth seen on others for years? Did you convince yourself that your smile is the best it can be? If your teeth are crooked, gapped or your bite is uneven there is an option to traditional metal braces to...

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What is a Dental Implant?

What if you could have teeth that didn’t decay or discolor, be in alignment and color matched with bordering teeth and require no removal or special care? Dental implants are the answer. What is a dental implant? A dental implant is basically a titanium tooth root inserted into the jaw bone. It resembles a screw...

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What Is Sleep Apnea
Doing to Your Body?

Sleep apnea can go undiagnosed for years It’s been a long day, even a longer week and finally you get to rest. Exhausted, you fall into bed after an evening of relaxation (or at least a few minutes of downtime) and you are out for the count in a comfortable bed snuggled up with your...

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3-D Imaging Technology in Dentistry

Our Technology Improves Our Patients’ Experience State of the art digital technology at White Oak Family Dentistry in Garner, NC just took a step up. The addition of the iTero Element 2 Intraoral Digital Scanner will improve your dental experience by creating a blueprint of your teeth and gums In less than 10 minutes. This...

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