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White Oak Family Dentist -Garner, NC - Root Canal Treatment

Root Canals Pros & Cons

White teeth and healthy gums are evidence of good oral hygiene. Sometimes, in spite of our diligent mouth care, a tooth may become sensitive or infected. The pulp of the tooth, which contains nerves allowing us to feel pain, can become irritated, inflamed or infected due to decay, cracked fillings or...

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Straight smile options

Invisalign vs. Braces

You Smile is Important Your smile makes you unique. Look at yourself in the mirror. Are your teeth misaligned? Are there unwanted spaces between them or are they overcrowded? Does your lower or upper jaw protrude? Straight white teeth make you more attractive, improve oral health and boost your self esteem. Many different types of...

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7 Myths About Dental Care

7 Myths About Dental Care

The dictionary defines myth as a popular belief or tradition or unfounded or false notion. One myth that has been passed on for generations, especially popular among cooks, is salt thrown over your left shoulder brings good luck. Although this might bring peace of mind to the cook I doubt it keeps the soup from burning. There are myths about everything you can imagine. Monsters in the lagoon, money brings happiness, garlic keeps away vampires and keeping your wisdom teeth makes you wise. This is just one of the many myths regarding dental...

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What To Expect During Your Dental Check-Up

What Happens Now? Your first dental visit is now history. You selected your favorite dentist, filled out a bunch of paperwork and insurance information, had an initial exam, teeth cleaning and X-rays. Now it’s six months later and it is time for a check-up. You are feeling great but your teeth are getting a little...

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Implants vs. Bridges

Dental Implant vs Dental Bridges
Which Do I Need?

Missing teeth can be a result of injury, tooth decay or gum disease. Spaces between existing teeth steal the beauty of your smile. When laughing your hand is in front of your lips to cover the insecurity you feel when exposing the gaps between...

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