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Dental Sealants in Garner, NC

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Liquid Sealants Painted Into the Grooves

The back teeth do most of the work when eating and chewing. That means they are exposed to food particles that get trapped in tiny grooves in your molars. You might think that your toothbrush is reaching these hard to reach particles but it is not small and precise enough. These grooves will trap little particles in your teeth, and they will eventually start to decay. There is no simple solutions, like brushing or flossing, to keep these small particles out of your teeth. Adults who do not have sealants over their back teeth will often get sealant to prevent the potential spread of decay. Let us help your child, or you, receive our comprehensive sealant service. You will enjoy our speed and efficiency with the application of your dental services. Because these food particles remain stuck in between extremely tight spaces, they will remain on your teeth, even though you may be brushing.

Sealants – Preventing Possible Decay

When food particles remain on your teeth, they are susceptible to eventual decay. Dental sealants are the best form of protection for your teeth. The sealant is a thin, plastic coating that White Oak Family Dentistry in Garner, NC applies to the chewing surface of the back teeth. This sealant service is usually applied to children’s teeth. If patients come to us soon enough, sealants can stop minimal tooth decay from getting any worse. It will stop the spread of any signs of infection. Children are the most common patients for sealant service. When their back molars come in, a sealant should be placed on them to prevent future tooth decay. Adults are also good candidates because their teeth may need protection that will stop the further spread of tooth decay. Our sealants provide great protection for your molars. They are designed to fit perfectly into the tight grooves in the top of your tooth. Sealants do not fit securely over smoother front teeth and the sides of molars but are meant to seal the crown of your molars.

Schedule Your Sealant Service

The best part of our sealant service is that they totally protect the crown of the molar. The process is quick and painless. Stop the spread of any slight infection in your tooth with a clear plastic sealant. Dr. Sigmon pays close attention to details while giving your teeth the protection that will keep them strong and free of bacteria. White Oak Family Dentistry is here to protect children and adults who require our sealant service. Give us a call today at 919.986.0151 to schedule an appointment for sealant service or for a consultation.