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The Invisalign Process

What can you expect from your Invisalign experience?

Invisalign can straighten teeth and solve bite problems

Have you been envying white smiles with straight teeth seen on others for years? Did you convince yourself that your smile is the best it can be? If your teeth are crooked, gapped or your bite is uneven there is an option to traditional metal braces to correct your smile. Invisalign can realign teeth and in some cases prevent jaw surgery due to bite problems.

Initial visit

At your initial dental visit, you will discuss with your dentist the results you desire. Steps necessary to obtain the goal and a treatment plan will be tailored for you. A 3D scan will allow your dentist to view how the teeth align and relate to one another. This digital model is submitted to Invisalign and your treatment planning begins.

The Invisalign process in a nutshell

Invisalign is a series of custom made trays that gradually move teeth into the correct position.They are clear, almost invisible. The aligner is replaced with a new one every ten days to two weeks with each one bringing you closer to the goal of straighter teeth by applying gentle pressure. The program supplies you with as many trays as needed to achieve success.

Initially moving teeth into place is a gradual process. More severe changes will, of course, take more time and trays than minor adjustments. Your teeth are in their comfort zone and movement will be a new experience for them. The initial trays will provide you time to adjust to something being in your mouth over the existing crooked teeth. Tray two will begin the shifting procedure. This will bring some discomfort with each tray change. It has been suggested that the new aligner be placed at bedtime. You can sleep through part of the remodeling aches. The good news is that after the first few days of each change your mouth accepts the new position and discomfort subsides. Knowing that you are one step closer to the finish line with each tray change will help stay you focused on the final desired result.

To assist crooked teeth to move into place, attachments,(little bumps of composite) are placed onto some teeth. These nubs attach to the aligner tray, pulling teeth into the new position. If teeth are very close together your dentist may file minute spaces to make room for teeth to shift into the correct position.

It takes commitment

To keep teeth from regressing back into the comfort zone, aligners must be worn 22 hours each day. They are removed for eating and drinking anything but cold water. After eating, with aligners removed, teeth must be rinsed, brushed and flossed before replacing aligner. Each day aligners must be cleaned. A good time to do this is while you are eating dinner and they are in “time out”.

Finally, as with any personal improvement, Invisalign takes commitment. If you are determined to have straighter teeth or improved bite, we at White Oak Family Dentistry in Garner, NC, are here to embark on the journey with you. Schedule your consult by calling 919.986.0151 or schedule an appointment online today.

Written by White Oak Family Dentistry

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