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Dental Crowns: What Are They?

And Why Do I Need One?

What is a Dental Crown?

Let me help you understand that when having a crown put on your tooth you are not losing that tooth. By having a crown put on your tooth you are actually saving that tooth.

A dental crown is a permanent cover placed over a damaged tooth to restore its original shape and appearance. This tooth might be cracked, decayed, damaged or worn from teeth grinding or eating hard foods. In the past damaged or severely decayed teeth would have to be removed. A crown can save your tooth lasting for many years.

There are several types of crowns to choose from. All Metal crowns are strongest and long lasting but not very attractive. These might be a choice for back teeth.
Porcelain fused to metal is the most popular choice. They look good and are strong.

All Porcelain or All Ceramic look nice but are not as strong as other types, These are mostly chosen for front teeth placing appearance as the most important factor.
Resin crowns are inexpensive and weak. Most dentists do not recommend this type because they are not long lasting.

Having a crown made is a two visit procedure. During the first visit a “mold” (impression) will be made ( so the crown will fit well) and the tooth prepared A temporary crown is fitted and will stay in place until the permanent crown is made by an outside laboratory. On the second visit the permanent crown will be cemented in place.

Why do I need one?

Dental crowns can be placed for cosmetic reasons. No one wants a smile that shows discolored, decayed or cracked teeth But most often there is a practical reason for placing a crown. A tooth with a very large cavity or an old large filling would benefit from a crown. The larger the filling the less tooth there is. This tooth is at increased risk for breaking or falling out.

Crowns are used to anchor a bridge, protect a tooth that has had a root canal or hold a cracked tooth together.

The condition of your tooth will determine what kind of preparation you will need for placing a crown.

Most important in deciding your dental care is trusting the judgment and skill of your dentist. White Oak Family Dentistry can give you the information you need to make an educated decision on the best oral care for you.

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Written by White Oak Family Dentistry

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